energy efficient loft lining & trims

Whether you’re looking to protect your stored items in your loft or save money on your heating bills. Lofts4storage have a range of professionally installed options.

Quality Loft Lining & Insulation Trim: Options

Two primary types of loft trim are available: breathable membrane trim and insulated trim. Both options are of high quality and can typically be installed in just one day.

They are fixed to the interior slopes of your loft, serving to provide supplementary insulation that complements the insulation already laid across the floor of the roof space.

On average installed in 1 day. Unlike other loft insulation options fixing membranes to the slopes of your loft roof does not create any mess.

Loft Lining & Loft Insulation Trim

The Benefits of Loft Lining & Trims

A breathable membrane safeguards your possessions from potential roof debris and can enhance the overall efficiency of your home.
If you want added insulation then upgrade to our insulated roof lining trim. 

Whether you aim to secure your loft or economize on heating costs, Lofts4storage offers a comprehensive selection of professionally installed solutions to meet your needs.
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