Illuminate Your Space With Our Loft Lighting Solutions

At Lofts4Storage we offer a full range of lighting systems for your loft area. All electrical works are installed by our fully qualified NICEIC accredited electrical engineers.

Lighting Up Your Loft 

Choose from a Single Light or make you loft even brighter with a Fluorescent Tube Light both with switches located in a safe convenient location near the loft hatch or located in your hallway before you enter.

All electrical works are installed by our fully qualified NICEIC Accredited electrical Engineers. You will receive a Minor Works Test Certificate to give you peace of mind on completion of all works.

None Hard Wired - LED Loft Light

This battery powered LED Loft Light eliminates the need for electrical wiring, allowing direct attachment to any timber element in the loft, such as a roof truss or rafter.

By incorporating cutting-edge LED technology, this Loft Light delivers brightness equivalent to a 32 Watt bulb while boasting a battery life of up to 4 years.

Convenient operation is facilitated by the Loft Light's 2m long pull string.

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LED Loft Light

Single Light & Switch

Single light for loft spaces

Here's a straightforward method to light up your loft area, especially suitable for compact storage spaces and locations near appliances that may need regulare maintenance within the loft space, such as boilers.

This option is the simplest setup and involves a bulb holder securely screwed onto a timber rafter or truss in the loft space with a wire extending from the bulb holder down to the switch & electrical circuit. This option presents a basic yet efficient lighting solution for your loft space.

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Large Fluorescent Light & Switch

Fluorescent lighting is a highly practical and energy-efficient choice for illuminating loft spaces. Its slim design allows it to fit seamlessly in various loft configurations, making it an excellent solution for both small and large areas.

Fluorescent lights provide ample brightness while remaining cool to the touch, which is especially important in lofts where space can be limited, and temperatures may fluctuate.

They offer even illumination, reducing shadows and dark corners in the open loft layout.

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fluorescent tube light for lofts

Any Additional Electrical Installations

Our fully qualified NICEIC Accredited Electricians will install any extra lighting that you require within your loft area and in accordance with regulation.

  • Additional Light Sockets and Switch
  • Additional Fluorescent Light Tubes and Switch

All electrical work by Lofts4Storage is carried out by NICEIC certified electricians and a signed test certificate will be issued upon completion of the work.

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