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Your loft might have no insulation, some existing insulation, or it might be old and not very effective. Whatever your needs Lofts4Storage can help. We offer a wide range of loft insulation services. Get in touch with our team of experts and we can give you free advise.

At Lofts4Storage we use Earthwool Loft Rolls, they are non-combustible, Glass Mineral Wool rolls, manufactured using revolutionary ECOSE® Technology, and are designed specifically for use in cold lofts where pitched roofs are insulated at ceiling level. We have installed loft insulation into thousands of homes across the UK making sure you home is nice and warm.

Benefits Of Loft Insulation:

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Stop mould and condensation on bedroom ceilings
  • Non-combustible – fire resistance
  • No mess on installation
  • Increase your home energy performance rating

Loft Insulation – Our Prices

Once you have insulated your loft at the advised height of 270mm remember not to squash down the insulation by boarding directly onto the joists. Squashing insulation reduces airflow which can create moisture build up resulting in mould and condensation. This can create long term serious problems for any roof area. At Lofts4Storage our raised loft boarding system allows the insulation to remain at 270mm allowing the full benefits of insulating your loft area. Our system is suitable for all types of houses including new build properties.

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New Loft Insulation 270mm

We professionally cross lay to building regulation depth of 270mm

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Supply & Installation £14.99 m2

Top Up Loft Insulation 170mm

We top up your existing insulation by 170mm

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Supply & Installation £9.50 m2

Top Up Loft Insulation 100mm

We top up your existing insulation by 100mm

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Supply & Installation £7.50 m2

Relay Existing Insulation

We will professionally relay your existing loft insulation as part of our loft boarding service

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