Raised Loft Boarding Systems for Home Storage

Award Winning Raised Loft Boarding Systems Fitted From £499. Fitted in 1 Day

Raised loft boards are a practical and versatile solution for optimising your loft space. These specially designed boards are engineered to elevate the loft flooring above the insulation, preventing compression and ensuring proper ventilation in your attic area.

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    Over 25 Years Of Loft Boarding Experience

    Many households and families require additional storage space, and your loft represents one of the largest areas within your home.

    You can convert your unused loft space into easily accessible storage space by installing raised loft storage boards. These elevated loft boards not only provide storage but also safeguard your loft insulation, ensure proper airflow, and protect the wiring and other vital services in your loft area.

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    • Maintains the thermal performance of loft insulation
    • Suitable for both New Build & Older Properties
    • Save money on your energy bills
    • Stop mould and condensation within the loft area
    • Non-combustible – fire resistance
    • No mess on installation
    • Increase your home energy performance rating
    • Does not disturb any pipework or electric services

    Raised Loft Boarding v Standard Loft Boarding

    Raised loft boards protect your loft insulation, maintains the correct airflow and it protects your wiring and any other important services within your loft area.

    Standard loft boards are placed directly on top of the joists. When loft boarding is done in this manner, it can render it nearly impossible to access insulation, wiring, or pipework and can also compress the insulation, rendering it ineffective.

    The compression of insulation can lead to condensation buildup, resulting in potential dampness issues within your loft. Allowing insulation to become damp increases the risk of it losing its effectiveness, and the accumulated moisture could potentially damage the ceiling below

    Raised Loft floor benefits
    Installation of raised flooring

    Our Loft Boards

    In all our installations, we employ high quality 18mm P5 loft boards with a smooth finish. These boards are not only compliant with E1 emissions standards but also bear the CE mark, indicating their suitability for use in construction projects. Furthermore, they boast fire and moisture resistance qualities, giving you peace of mind.

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