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Raised Loft Boarding Systems for Home Storage

Benefits Of Loft Boarding

Most households and familys need storage space. Your loft is one of the biggest rooms in your home. Transform your unusable loft space into easy accesible storage space with raised loft storage boards. Raised loft boards protect your loft insulation, maintains the correct airflow and it protects your wiring and any other important services within your loft area.

Benefits of raised loft boarding:

  • Maintains the thermal performance of loft insulation
  • Suitable for both New Build & Older Properties
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Stop mould and condensation within the loft area
  • Non-combustible – fire resistance
  • No mess on installation
  • Increase your home energy performance rating
  • Does not disturb any pipework or electric services
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Raised Loft Boarding V Standard Loft Boarding

Lofts4Storage have installed the new raised Loft Boarding System in thousands of homes accross the Midlands.

Standard Loft Boarding:

  • Reduces thermal performance of loft insulation
  • Reduces airflow throughout the loft area
  • Can increase condensation and mould issues
  • Can disturb pipework and electrical wires
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Our Loft Boards

CE Rated Certified boards

  • 18mm strong and durable
  • Smooth finish
  • Moisture resitant
  • Fire resistant
  • E1 Emissions compliant

Loft Boarding

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