Insulated Backed Loft Boards

Beyond the conventional role of providing a stable flooring surface in loft spaces, insulated backed loft boards are equipped with insulation properties that contribute significantly to temperature regulation within the home.

Enjoy the advantages of an additional insulation layer

Now, you can enjoy the advantages of an additional insulation layer.
In addition to the existing 270/300mm of traditional rockwool insulation, which is evenly distributed beneath the boards, you can now take advantage of our insulated boards at a small additional cost. These innovative boards come equipped with a layer of heat-reflective insulation on their undersides.

This unique approach effectively insulates and reflects heat, preventing it from escaping out of the main habitable areas of your home. This transformation can turn your loft into one of the most energy-efficient spaces in your home, ultimately leading to more cost-effective energy bills. It's a complete makeover for anyone seeking to reduce their energy expenses.

  • Energy efficient high quality loft boards
  • Installed like any other loft board
  • Benefit from extra insulation and no extra cost
  • Various options & sizes available
  • Lifetime guarantee

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  • £5 Million Liability Insurance

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